#YOURSTORY2 – Another Morning

5. Am the alarm rang & she woke up,seeing her husband sleeping next to her she smiled and hugged him tightly like every other morning.She went for her bath…when she came out her husband was awake she gave him a smile and said Good morning. She looked pretty after bath and his eyes approved it. She went to her kitchen to prepare her daily breakfast and lunch.Time was already 6 and she had to leave at 7 as it took her 1 hour journey to reach office.After cooking her breakfast and lunch, She sat on dining table and had her breakfast with dark coffee.

All this while her husband was watching her from his bed with a smile on his face.It was 7 , After getting ready for office she came towards him kissed him said I Love U and goodbye. And all he could do is smile….Last one month he suffered from Paralysis attack which neither allowed him to Walk nor Talk……..


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